Recent and Selected Publications

Full List of Publications

        *``Projection Approach to Distribution-Free Testing for Point Processes. Regular Models", 2020, Transactions of A.Razmadze Mathematical Institute, publication date --September 2020

*``Asymptotic hypothesis testing for the colour blind problem", 2019, Electronic J. Statistics, 13, 4573 - 4595, ISSN: 1935-7524, with L. Dumitrescu[]
  • "Fold-up derivatives of set-valued function and the change-set problem", Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 2017, 1-38, with W. Weil
  • "Distribution free testing for conditional distributions given covariates", Statistics and Probability Letters, 2017, 129, 348-354
  • "Unitary transformations, empirical processes and distribution free testing", Bernoulli, 2016, 22, 563-599; printed online in 2014
  • "Some new connections between the Brownian bridges and the Brownian motions", Communications in Stochastic Analysis, 2015, 9, no.3, 401-412
  • "Asymptotically Distribution-Free Goodness-of-Fit Testing for Tail Copulas", The Annals of Statistics, 2015, 43, 878-902, with S.U. Can, J.H.J. Einmahl and R.J.A. Laeven [
  • "Differentiation of sets -- The general case", J. Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2014, 413, 291-310, with W. Weil
  • "Note on distribution free testing for discrete distributions", The Annals of Statistics, 2013, 41, 6, 2979-2993
  • "A study of one null array of random variables", in Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory, Festschrift for Hira L. Koul, Springer, 2013, 217-226
  • "On evolution of set-valued functions: an example", Statistics and Probability Letters, 2013, 83, 898-901
  • "Convergence properties in certain occupancy problems including Karlin-Rouault Law", J. Applied Probability, 2011, v.48,1095-1113
  • "Central limit theorems for local empirical processes near boundaries of sets", Bernoulli, 2011, v.17, 545-561, with J.H.J.Einmahl
  • "Strange facts about the marginal distributions of processes based on the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process", Risk: Journal of Computational Finance, 2011, 15, 105-119, with R.Brownrigg
  • "Diversity in a Sample and Large Number of Small Probabilities: the Case of Questionnaires", Proceedings of ASA and IMS Joint Statistical Meeting, Vancouver, 2010, p.42-49.
  • "Memoryless reigns of the `Sons of Heaven' ", International Statistical Review, 2010, 78, 348-362, with R. Brownrigg and J.Haywood
  • "Divisible statistics", in Springer Encyclopedia of Statistics, Springer Verlag, 2010.
  • "Testing exponentiality of distribution", in Springer Encyclopedia of Statistics, Springer Verlag, 2010, with J. Haywood.
  • "Sequential ranks", in Springer Encyclopedia of Statistics, Springer Verlag, 2010.
  • "Khmaladze transformation", in Springer Encyclopedia of Statistics, Springer Verlag, 2010, with H.L. Koul.
  • "Towards martingale theory for multi-dimensional survival/warranty analysis", Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Advanced Reliability and Maintenance Modeling (APARM) 2010, 313--324. McGraw-Hill.
  • "On the TTT-transformation, innovation martingales and testing exponentiality", Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Advanced Reliability and Maintenance Modeling (APARM) 2010, 325--332. McGraw-Hill, with L. Roberts.
  • "Goodness-of-fit problem for errors in non-parametric regression: distribution free approach", Ann.Statist., 2009, v.37, 3165-3185, with H.L.Koul
  • "Local empirical processes near boundaries of convex bodies", Annals Institute Statistical Mathematics, 2008, v.60, 813-842, with W.Weil.
  • "Natural and artefactual aneuploidy in human lymphocytes in extreme old age", Georgian Medical News, 2008, April (157): 72-6, with T. Lezhava, T. Jokhadze, T. Buadze
  • "Statistical analysis of electricity prices", J. Data Science, 2007, v.5, N.1, 103-129
  • "Differentiation of sets in measure", J. Mathemat. Analysis Applications., 2007, 342, 1055-1072.
  • "Brittle power: On Roman Emperors and exponential lengths of rule", Statistics Probability Letters, 2007, 77, No. 12, 1248-1257, with R.Brownrigg, J.Haywood,
  • "On distribution-free goodness-of-fit testing of exponentiality", Annals J. Econometrics, 2007, v 143, 5-18, with J.Haywood
  • "Local covering numbers and change-set problem", Mathemat. Methods Statistics, 2006, 15, 289-308, with R.M.Mnatsakanov, N.Toronjadze
  • "The change-set problem for VC-classes", Mathemat. Methods Statistics, 2006, 15, 224-231, with R.M.Mnatsakanov, N.Toronjadze

Some of the older papers.
  • "Two-sample problem in R^m", IMS Lecture Notes--Monograph Series, 2001, with J.H.J. Einmahl
  • "Goodness of fit problem and scanning martingales", The Annals of Statistics, 1993,
  • "On asymptotic theory of statistics based on sequential ranks" Theory Probab. Appl., 1986, v.XXXI,N4
  • "Functional limit theorems for divisible statistics" Probab.Theory Related Fields, 1986, v.73
  • "Martingale methods in statistics" Uspechi Mat.Nauk (Russian Mathemat. Surveys), 1985, v.33,N.2
  • "Martingale limit theorems for divisible statistics" Theory Probab. Appl., 1983, v.XXVIII,N3
  • "Testing of statistical hypothesis concerning unidentifiable objects" Theory Probab. Appl., 1982, v.XXVII, N1
  • "Martingale approach to goodness of fit tests" Theory Probab.Appl.,1981, v.XXVI,N1
  • "Use of $\Omega^2$ type tests for testing parametric hypothesis" Theory Probab. Appl., 1979, v.XXIV,N2
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