"Kh" in "Khmaladze" is not much different from "Ch" in the words like Christmas, chronology, chemical, etc. In Georgian "Khmali" means "sword", so my surname translated would be something like "Swordson", because "dze" in Georgian means "son". In The Netherlands one should have spelled this surname as "Gmaladze" -- hey pronounce G exactly the way Kh should be pronounced.

My first name, Estate, is Georgian adaptation of Greek name Eustatios, or Eustachios, which was also adapted in the West in the form of "Eustace". There was a famous outlaw in the middle ages, Eustace the Monk , but usually a man called Eustace should have been a miller in a Mediterranean village. In a Georgian village Estate also would be a miller. Or a carpenter. Personally I would be a baker. The letter "a" in "Estate" is pronounced as "u" in "summer".
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