VIC 2004 Timetable

 Day 0: Sunday 8 February 2004
18:00 Reception (Weir House)

 Day 1: Monday 9 February 2004
8:00 Registration (Hugh Mackenzie Lecture Theatres)
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Ran Raz (HMLT206)
Multi-Linear Formulas for Permanent and Determinant are of Super-Polynomial Size
Morning Sessions Computational Complexity I (HMLT104) Game Theory (HMLT105)
9:50 Guohua Wu
Degrees of D.C.E. Reals
Jacek B. Krawczyk
Intertemporal Competition for Water Levels
10:15 J.A. Makowsky
50 Years of the Spectrum Problem: Overview and New Directions
Anna Bogomolnaia
Prevention of the Secession: Hedonic Setting
10:40 Morning Tea
11:00 Wolfgang Merkel and Jan Reimann
Borel Normality, Automata, and Complexity
Herve Moulin
Demand Responsiveness in Additive Cost Sharing
11:25 Catherine McCartin
Online Width Metrics
Robert J. Aumann
When All is Said and Done, How should we Play and What should we Expect?
11:50 Bakhadyr Khoussainov
On Complexity of Infinite Games Played on Finite Graphs
John Hillas
On the Relation Between Backward Induction and Forward Induction
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Plenary Speaker: Rod Downey (HMLT206)
Algorithmic Randomness and Complexity
Afternoon Sessions Surface Approximations I (HMLT104) Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis I (HMLT105)
14:50 Len Bos
Metrics Associated to Multivariate Polynomial Inequalities
Boaz Klartag
An Isomorphic Version of the Slicing Problem
15:15 Sang-Eon Han
An Efficient Recognition of Digital Surface in Zn
Vitali Milman
Symmetrizations and Isotropicity
15:40 Afternoon Tea
Shahar Mendelson
Lipschitz Embeddings of Function Classes
Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann
Geometric Inequalities for a Class of Exponential Measures
Alexander Litvak
Random Matrices and Geometry of Random Polytopes

 Day 2: Tuesday 10 February 2004
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Victor Palamodov (HMLT206)
Reconstruction from Boundary Measurements
Morning Sessions General Contributed Talks (HMLT104) Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis II (HMLT105)
9:50 Clemente Zanco
Covering Banach Spaces
Gaven Martin
Holomorphic Motions
10:15 Daoud Bshouty
Sarason's Conjecture for Harmonic Polynomials
Vladimir Pestov
Oscillation Stability in Topological Groups
10:40 Morning Tea
11:00 Walter Roth
Locally Convex Cones as Generalisations of Locally Convex Vector Spaces
Mark Harmer
Spectral Properties of the Triangle Groups
David Yost
Reducible Convex Sets
David Gauld
Function Spaces and Metrisability of Manifolds
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Plenary Speaker: Hugh Woodin (HMLT206)
A Structural Equivalence for the Determinacy of Real Games
Afternoon Sessions Surface Approximations II (HMLT104) Operator Algebras and Representation Theory I (HMLT105)
14:50 Dany Leviatan
The Bramble-Hilbert Lemma for Convex Domains
Michael Cowling
The Cayley Transform and Uniformly Bounded Representations
15:15 Rick Beatson
Implicit Smoothing of Radial Basis Functions
Sidney Morris
The Structure of Abelian Pro-Lie Groups
15:40 Afternoon Tea
16:00 Allan Pinkus
Strictly Hermitian Positive Definite Functions
Todd Rangiwhetu
Concentration of Measure in Banach Spaces and Criteria for Amenability
16:25 Elijah Liflyand
Hausdorff Operators on the Hardy Space
Anthony H. Dooley
Entropy for Amenable and Non-singular Actions
17:00 Plenary Speaker: David Kazhdan (HMLT206)
The Langlands Program

 Day 3: Wednesday 11 February 2004

Free Day

 Day 4: Thursday 12 February 2004
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Vaughan Jones (HMLT206)
Two Subfactors
Morning Sessions Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization I (HMLT104) Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis III (HMLT105)
9:50 Heinz Bauschke
Joint Minimization with Alternating Bregman Proximity Operators
Estate Khmaladze
Local Poisson Processes in the Neighbourhood of Convex Body
10:15 Victor Khatskevich
Interactions between Operator Theory in Krein spaces, Linear Fractional Relations on Operator Balls and Functional Abel-Schroder Type Equations
Markus Hegland
On the Sparse Grid Approximation in Radial Basis Function Spaces -- An Application of the Concentration Function
10:40 Morning Tea
11:00 Alexander Kruger
About Weak Stationarity of Sets Systems
Boris Pavlov
Modelling of Quantum Networks
11:25 Shona Yu (contributed)
The Reduced Birman-Murakami-Wenzl Algebra of Type Bn
Aleksandar Stojmirovic
Quasi-metric Spaces with Measure
Christopher Atkin
Weakly Compact Banach Lie Groups
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Plenary Speaker: Janos Makowsky (HMLT206)
Splitting Formulas for Graph and Knot Polynomials and their Algorithmic Use
Afternoon Sessions Computational Complexity II (HMLT104) Operator Algebras and Representation Theory II (HMLT105)
14:50 Eric Allender
Algorithmic Randomness and Derandomization
Wojciech Szymanski
Graph Algebras and Noncommutative Spaces
15:15 Frank Stephan
An Overview on Recent Degree-Theoretic Results in Kolmogorov Complexity and Algorithmic Randomness
Jeong Hee Hong
The Structural Properties of Graph C*-algebras
15:40 Afternoon Tea
16:00 Liang Yu
Teresa Bates
Cuntz-Krieger Algebras of Directed Graphs and Shift Spaces
16:25 Joseph S. Miller
Degrees of Randomness for Random Reals
Alistair Windsor
A Spectral Dichotomy for the Koopman Operator
16:50 Rod Downey
Hard Problems and Parameterized Reductions
Thierry Giordano
Some Developments on Orbit Equivalence
Conference Dinner
(The Skyline)

 Day 5: Friday 13 February 2004
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Robert McLachlan (HMLT206)
Geometric Numerical Integration
Morning Sessions Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization II (HMLT104) Functional-Differential Equations and Applications (HMLT105)
9:50 M.J.D. Powell
A New Algorithm for Unconstrained Minimization Without Derivatives
Boris Paneah
On Solvability of Functional Equations Relating to Dynamical Systems with Several Generators
10:15 Alex Rubinov
Monotonic Analysis
Graeme Wake
Applications of FDE to Cell/Tumour Growth
10:40 Morning Tea
11:00 Stephen Simons
The Hahn-Banach Theorem and Maximal Monotonicity
Jonathan Marshall
Analyticity of Solutions to Functional Differential Equations
11:25 Isao Yamada
Hybrid Steepest Descent Method for the Variational Inequality Problem Over the Fixed Point Sets of Certain Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings
Bruce van Brunt
Spectral Theory for the Pantograph Equation
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Plenary Speaker: André Nies (HMLT206)
Randomness Notions and Lowness Properties

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