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Well, the 2003 New Plymouth meeting is over, and was a fantastic success. Thanks to all the speakers and to all those who attended the conference.

We've asked the 2003 speakers to send us versions of their presentations, if they have them. Obiously, not all of them will, but those that do, we will be linking to from the timetable page, and also here.

Here is the list so far:

Karl Broman
  1. Meiosis, recombination and interference.
  2. Gene mapping in mice.
Martin Grohe
  1. Logic, Graph Theory and Complexity.
  2. Computing Crossing Numbers.
  3. Evaluating Tree-Structured Formulas.
Richard Stanley
  • Generating Functions.
  • Andreas Dress
    Crypto Isomorphisms in Phylogenetic Combinatorics:
    Lior Pachter
  • Combinatorial aspects of gene finding and alignment (2 talks).
    • Also: .bz2 (5.8 MB vs 8 MB)
  • Vaughan Jones took some photos at the barbeque. They are available here.

    And here are Karl Broman's photos, including some from the hike up Mount Taranaki.

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