VIC 2004

Victoria International Conference 2004

February 9th - 13th, 2004

A view of Wellington Harbour, from Tinakori Hill
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The Royal Society of New Zealand New Zealand Mathematical Society New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Israel Mathematical Union

The VIC2004 meeting is over and was a great success! Our thanks to all who participated.

To refresh your memories we have:

The pictures were taken by Catherine McCartin and Wolfgang Merkle.

In 2004, Victoria University will be hosting an international meeting in cooperation with the Israel Mathematical Union, the New Zealand Mathematical Society and the New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. The Royal Society of New Zealand is providing additional funding and Educational Computers (New Zealand) is sponsoring the meeting. There will be a number of themes at the meeting, but it will especially be working in conjunction with the six month Logic and Computation programme of the NZIMA.

Check out the online Timetable for the most up-to-date information.

Opening Reception

There will be a reception at Weir House (the main conference accommodation) at 6pm on Sunday 8 February. Food and drink will be provided. This will also be an opportunity to collect your information pack.

Please see the Victoria University Kelburn Campus map. Weir House is off the right of the map, on Salamanca Road next to the cable car. You can also locate the University (number 28, at the top) on the Wellington City map.


Lectures will be held in the Hugh Mackenzie Lecture Block on the Kelburn Campus. All lecture theaters will have chalkboards, whiteboards, two overhead projectors and data projection facilities.

Abstracts are available through the Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts service.

Plenary Speakers

Special Sessions

There will be seven special sessions. For details on who will be speaking at these sessions, see our Special Sessions page.


Please register online. Note: even students and invited speakers need to register. The nominal cutoff date for registration was November 1st, 2003.

The registration fee is free for students, and NZ$150 otherwise. There is an additional NZ$50 fee for the conference dinner (NZ$20 for students). If you have requested accommodation at Weir House, the cost for this will be included with your conference fee.

Please send payment as soon as you can.

Payment Options

  1. The prefered method of payment is a bank transfer into the University's account. Contact Ginny Nikorima ( for details.

  2. For credit card payments, e-mail your information to Ginny Nikorima (, fax them to Ginny at ++64-4-463-5045, or phone them through on ++64-4-463-5341. The following details are needed.
    	Card Number
    	Expiry Date
    	Card Type
    	Name on Card
    	Amount to be Deducted $NZD.
    	e-mail address (in case there is a problem)
    You must also clearly state that the University is authorized to deduct the amount shown.

  3. Bank certified cheques should be sent in New Zealand dollars if possible. If participants send cheques in other currencies, they should add NZ$50 administration fee to the amount before converting to that currency. They can send an overseas bank draft / bank certified cheque via snail mail / post. The Address is:
    	Ginny Nikorima, School Manager
    	VIC 2004 Conference
    	School of Mathematical & Computing Sciences
    	Victoria University
    	P.O. Box 600
    	New Zealand
    Cheques should be made out to "Victoria University of Wellington".


We have booked rooms at Weir House from the 8th until the 13th (6 nights). This is available as Bed and Breakfast, at the rate of NZ$48 per person per night. Weir House is a student hostel, with single rooms (and thus, it is not really suitable for couples, unless you are willing to sleep in separate rooms). It is about three hundred metres from the University. If you wish to stay at Weir House, you will need to indicate this on your registration form, and book through us.

Other Options

If you prefer something a little more upmarket, we have investigated some hotel prices (Note that these are special VUW prices, available for this conference. You will need to ask for them when booking):

(all rates are per room, for a single/twin)

Also, the:

offers serviced apartments with cooking facilities, and has a good rate for University guests.

For more accommodation options, as well as travel information:

Tourist Information

For those of you travelling from overseas, February can be a good time to travel in New Zealand, as it is late summer, and thus the weather is still good. See New Zealand tourism online for tourism information. Cars can be hired for around NZ$50-80 per day, depending on how long you want them. Once you actually get here, the cost of living tends to be slight, compared with Europe. (note that one New Zealand dollar is worth about fifty United States cents or .5 Euro. See the currency converter for specifics)

There will be a half-day group outing as part of the conference. This has not been finalized yet, but this will probably be a harbour cruise, or perhaps a hike up a mountain, or a trip to a winery (or wineries).

The International Rugby Sevens take pace in Wellington on 6-7 February. Rugby is a national obsession in New Zealand and the the Kiwis have dominated the sevens recently, so come a few days early and see the action. Information is limited now, but the offical site will eventually be updated.

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