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This page is outdated - I left Google in August 2019.

I'm Josh Bailey, a software engineer working for Google since 2005. I work for Google full time. My major interests are in SDN, and network management/measurement.

My email address is unless you are a journalist, in which case my email address is Email is the only way to contact me if I'm not in.

I am not an academic and don't publish much (if at all - a tragically short Google Scholar profile), but some of my best friends and collaborators are academics and do publish. I am more an engineer and experimenter.

I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand and I have an office at VUW in the School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), room AM410.

I participate in an international community of researchers interested in advanced networking, including the US, the EU, and Australia/NZ. VUW ECS have a research group in SDN (Google had a contract with VUW which I administered). WAND at the University of Waikato also are very active in SDN research.

I have a personal web page also.


I contribute to FAUCET, an open source SDN controller for production networks. FAUCET is curated by the FAUCET Foundation. There is an ACM Queue article on FAUCET.

Things I can help you with

  • Research interests (please see below)
  • General questions about working at Google (for a current list of positions and locations, please go to

Things I can't help you with

What is SDN?

These are some high level articles about SDN (I claim only that they might be interesting!). If you are interested in the technical details, they're in the next section.

Research Interests

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