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Building a Tool for Accessibility

Extend the stuff you have done so far today.

The idea is to have a program that allows a user to talk to the phone and get it to do simple tasks. In particular, I should be able to say the following:

  • Location - the phone tells me my longitude and latitude (not perfect but a start).

  • Barcode - the phone reads a QR barcode and reads out the text to me (for example, you could create QR code for contents of cupboards or cans).

  • Book - the phone reads a barcode for a book and reads the title out to you.

  • Search - the phone does a Google search, it has to ask me what to search for!

  • Stop - the phone exits.

Start simple with one task and add the others in.

Something to think about - how to cope with the fact that the phone doesn't always understand you.
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