Student Supervision

PhD students

  • Yifan Yang, Dynamic Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing, from 2020 (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Mohammod Sazid Zaman Khan, Evolutionary Service Composition for IoT, from 2020 (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Taiwo Adeyemi Akindele, Evolutionary Optimization for Energy-Aware Resource Allocation in Container-based Cloud, from 2020 (co-supervised with Yi Mei)
  • Kirita-Rose Escott (PhD), EC-based Approaches to Dynamic Workflow Resource Allocation in Clouds, from 2019 (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Tao Shi (PhD), Service Deployment in Multi-Cloud, from 2018 (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Soheila Sadeghiram (PhD), Distributed Data-intensive Web service Composition, 2017 -2021 ( co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Chen Wang (PhD), Semantic Web Service Composition, 2016 -2020 (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Boxiong Tan (PhD), An Evolutionary Computation Approach to Resource Allocation in Container-based Clouds, 2016 - 2020 (co-supervised with Yi Mei and Mengjie Zhang)
  • Alexandre Sawczuk da Silva (PhD), Multifaceted Web Service Composition, 2015 - 2018 (co-supervised with Yi Mei and Mengjie Zhang)

Master and Honours

  • Armaan Chandra (BE Honours project), Genetic Programming Approach to Time Series Forecasting, 2020
  • Arnold Ariadi (BE Honours project), Managing and Mining Social Network Data, Primary supervisor, 2019
  • Yongbo Yu (RA, summer 2018/2019), Workflow Resource Allocation in Clouds using Genetic Programming (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Zhonghua Zheng (Ryan) (BE Honours project), Workflow Scheduling Optimisation Problem, Primary supervisor, 2018
  • Benjamin Wong-Lee BE Honours project), Data-Intensive Web Service Composition, Primary supervisor, 2018
  • Tao Shi (RA, summer 2017/2018), Container-based Resource Allocation in Clouds (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Yalian Feng (RA, summer 2017/2018), Workflow Resource Allocation in Clouds using Genetic Programming (co-supervised with Aaron Chen)
  • Wentao Quang (Master Report), Web Application Deployment in Multi-Cloud Environment, (co-supervised with Dionysis Athanasopoulos), 2017
  • Ewan Moshi (BE Honours project), NZ Well Database, Primary supervisor, 2017
  • Zhaojiang Chang (BE Honours project 2017), Web Service Composition Using Graph Databases, Primary supervisor
  • Boxiong Tan (Master project 2015/2016), Web Service Allocation, 2016 (co-supervised with Yi Mei and Mengjie Zhang)
  • Hai Huang (RA, summer project, Nov. 2013 - Feb. 2014) QoS-aware Web Service Distribution Design, (co-supervised with Mengjie Zhang)
  • Anqi Wang (summer project, Nov. 2012 - Feb. 2013) Web Service Composition Using Genetic Programming (co-supervised with Mengjie Zhang)
  • Panrawee Vechsamutvaree (Marsters report, 2012), A Case Study for Building Ontologies for Human Resource Recruitment Systems, 2012
  • Yan Liu (Marsters report) Database Cardinality Constraints, 2011
  • Jared Armstrong (BE Honours project), Web Service Composition, 2010