Grants and Awards

  • Distinctive paper at ICSOC 2022 for paper "Y. Yang, A. Chen. H. Ma, M. Zhang: Dual-tree Genetic Programming for Deadline-Constrained Dynamic Workflow Scheduling in Cloud, 20th edition of the International Conference on Service Oriented Computing"
  • Best Paper Award at ER 2018 for paper "D. Steinmetz, D. Dyballa, H. Ma and S. Hartmann: Using a Conceptual Model for Transforming Road Networks from OpenStreetMap to a Graph Database".
  • Best Student Paper Run Up Award at IEEE ICWS 2018 for paper "A. Sawczuk da Silva, H. Ma, Y. Mei, M. Zhang: A Hybrid Memetic Approach for Fully Automated Multi-Objective Web Service Composition".
  • Best Paper Award at IEEE APSCC 2009 for paper "H. Ma, K. Schewe, Q. Wang: An Abstract Model for Service Provision, Search and Composition".