About VUCC

VUCC is a canoe club based at Victoria University of Wellington, in Wellington New Zealand.

The main objective of our club (as quoted from our constitution) is

``To further the abilities of members to safely negotiate courses through aqueous material by utilising craft designed for this purpose and propelled by manual means.''
In other words, we encourage people to get out and paddle! To this end, the club organises instruction courses and paddling trips, and during the university year has a weekly pool session (Thursday, 8:30pm at Freyberg swimming pool on Oriental Parade) where members can socialise, play around, practice their paddling skills and get instruction.

Courses and trips are mostly organised by the club's committee, with others cajoled into helping out when necessary. The current committee is listed here

About this Web Site

You can read reports of past trips and look at our collection of kayaking pics.

There are also these tips on what to do and what not to do to get the most enjoyment out of a VUCC trip.

And if you're wondering about some of the expressions you might hear on the river when paddling with VUCC, check out the VUCC Vocabulary Extender.

On a more serious note: here is a copy of the draft safety policy that the club safety officer, Nicholas Smith, is putting together.

And as unfortunate as it may seem, club gear does get lost or damaged. The Gear Breakage Policy describes what the club expects of those responsible.

Upcoming events and notices are listed in the calendar/noticeboard.

Club Library

VUCC has now started a club library. Beginning the collection are, not surprisingly, two books on white water safety and managing risks in the outdoors. These are available for loan to all club members. Please contact Nicholas Smith if you would like to borrow a copy.

If you know of any other publications or videos that would be a valuable addition to the club library, please let a committee member know.

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