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Graduate students working with Marcus Frean

(this pic is not the current crop, but shows Festival of Doubt attendees Tim Sherry, Arindam Bhakta, Mona Hakami, Praveen Choppala, David Wang and Anna Friedlander)

Current students

who what co-supervisors
Davis Cooper Squashing blobs into boxes... Prof. Stephen Marsland
Amr Morssy Using generative models for inverse problems A/Prof Paul Teal
Muru Raj Odiathevar Novelty detection in network data Prof Winston Seah
Kurt Ma Deep articulated Hand Tracking with RGB camera A/Prof John Lewis (Google Brain / VUW), Dr David Balduzzi (Deep Mind)

Previous graduate students

Mashall Aryan Sample-efficient Optimization Using Neural Networks 2020
Fabian Labra-Sprohnle The Dynamic Patterns of Thinking in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) 2018
Arindam Bhakta Epistemic guidance of visual attention for robotic agents 2019
Praveen Choppala Bayesian multi-target tracking with particle filters 2014
Zakwan Al-Arnaout Content Replication and Placement Schemes for Wireless Mesh Networks 2014
Rohitash Chandra Problem Decomposition and Adaptation in Cooperative Neuro-evolution 2012
Sergio Hernandez State Estimation and Smoothing for the Probability Hypothesis Density Filter 2010
Phillip Boyle Gaussian processes for regression and optimisation 2007
Richard Mansfield Stability and Evolution in Rock-paper-scissors Ecologies 2006
Valerie Chan Record linkage on Māori land data to find and connect the missing 2020
Tony Butler-Yeoman Learning to Disentangle the Complex Causes of Data 2017
Tim Sherry Real Time Blind Source Separation in Reverberant Environments 2014
Anna Friedlander Dirichlet methods for Bayesian source detection in radio astronomy images 2014
James Bebbington Learning Actions that Reduce (Perceived) Variation in Objects 2011
Jim Barritt Spatially explicit simulation of individual foraging behaviour across patchy resources 2006
Russell Tod Online unsupervised learning and inference with networks of spiking neurons 2006
Tim Field Policy gradient learning for motor control 2005
Jerome Dolman Exploring mechanisms of retinotectal development 2006
Honours projects
Charlene Leong Machine learning for reading traditional Chinese characters in historical NZ papers 2019
Harry Ross Scaffolding: training ultra-deep neural networks 2017
Daniel Braithwaite Logical neural nets: opening the black box 2017
Paul Mathews Recurrent Tensor Networks 2016
Colin Douch Embedding logic in neural nets 2016
Jack Laurenson Learning logical activation functions in neural nets 2016
Alex Telfar Novelty detection with deep nets 2016
David Blackford The benefits of "Soft" Dimensionality Reduction with the tSNE algorithm 2013
Thomas Robinson Evaluation of an optimization algorithm 2011
Michael Mudge Efficient Global Optimization for Expensive Functions 2010
Kieran Paton Emergence of mutualisms in simple agent-based bartering economies 2006
Shane Gibbs Emergent Mutualisms in an Agent-Based Economic Simulation 2005
Emanuel Rabina Reciprocal Altruism for Dummies 2005
Russell Tod Spiking Neuron models for Control 2004
Matt Lilley Gaussian processes as neural networks 2004
Jerome Dolman Evolution of topographical mappings in the brain 2003
Justin Rens Dynamic neural architectures 2003
Nicolas Croad Hybrid systems for chess (postscript) 2002
Tim Field Adaptive Behaviour in Physically-Based Simulation 2001
Richard Procter Sex and the Altruist 2001
Gareth Cranefield Investigating spatial ecologies 2001
Richard Mansfield The evolution of policing 2000
Tim Robinson Biologically plausible back-propagation 2000

(this pic was 2004 or so: Richard Mansfield, Phillip Boyle and Jerome Dolman)

Other projects and essays

Brett Calcott A Spatial Model of Foraging Competition amongst Ant Species
Brett Calcott Learning and evolution: Tarbutniks
Pippin Barr Evolution of Language

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