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Dagstuhl Research Report

Theme Issue on Multi-Level Modeling

Workshop Proceedings

Applications of Deep Modelling

Industry Applications

  • Thomas Aschauer, Gerd Dauenhauer, and Wolfgang Pree
    Representation and Traversal of Large Clabject Models
    In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, MODELS 2009, Denver, CO, USA, October 4-9, 17–31, 2009.

Standards involving Multi-Level Modelling


Multi-Level Programming

Dual Deep Instantiation


  • Dirk Draheim
    "Reflective Constraint Writing"
    Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems, vol. 24, LNCS 9510, Springer, 2016, pp. 1-60

  • Colin Atkinson, Ralph Gerbig, Thomas Kühne
    "Comparing Multi-Level Modeling Approaches"
    Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Multi-Level Modelling co-located with the 17th ACM/IEEE International Conference MODELS 2014, CEUR, 53-61, Vol-1286, 2014

  • Alessandro Rossini and Juan de Lara and Esther Guerra and Adrian Rutle and Uwe Wolter
    "A formalisation of deep metamodelling"
    Formal Aspects of Computing (Springer), Vol 26(6). pp.:1115-1152. 2014.

  • Colin Atkinson and Thomas Kühne
    "A Tour of Language Customization Concepts"
    Advances in Computers, Volume 70, Marvin Zelkowitz, editor, p. 105–161, ISBN: 978-0-12-373747-2, Academic Press, Elsevier, June 2007

  • Thomas Kühne
    "Matters of (Meta-)Modeling"
    Journal on Software and Systems Modeling, Volume 5, Number 4, 369–385, December 2006

  • Thomas Kühne
    "Clarifying Matters of (Meta-)Modeling"
    Journal on Software and Systems Modeling, Volume 5, Number 4, 395–401, December 2006. (a response to Wolfgang Hesse's "More matters on (meta-)modelling: remarks on Thomas Kühne’s “matters”" in the same issue, 387–394.

  • Thomas Kühne and Friedrich Steimann
    "Tiefe Charakterisierung"
    Appeared in B Rumpe, W Hesse (editors) Modellierung 2004, LNI 45 (GI, 2004), p. 121–133, Marburg, March 2004

  • Colin Atkinson and Thomas Kühne
    "The Essence of Multilevel Metamodeling"
    Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language, Toronto, Canada, 1–5 October, 2001

Integration with Ontologies



  • Juan de Lara and Esther Guerra
    "Deep meta-modelling with MetaDepth"
    TOOLS Europe 2010: 48th International Conference on Objects, Models, Components, Patterns, (Málaga) LNCS 6141 (Springer). pp.:1-20. 2010.