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Agent Architecture

The architecture of our knowledge-based information agent is shown in Figure gif. An agent contains three knowledge bases and a framework. The three knowledge bases are: General Knowledge Base (G), Domain Knowledge Base (D), and Site Specific Knowledge Base (S). The framework contains three main functions: Web Access Engine, Information Extraction Engine and Matcher.

Figure: The Architecture of Knowledge-Based Information Agents

We detail the three functions as follows:

An agent shell includes the framework and the general knowledge base. An information agent can be built by adding the domain knowledge base and the site specific knowledge base to the agent shell. An example of an agent shell is given in [8].

As we mentioned in the introduction, this paper focuses on how to use knowledge to extract information from Web page. The next two sections discuss the main components of three knowledge bases and one main function of the framework, the information extraction engine.

Xiaoying Gao
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