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Lindsay Groves (my "official" departmental, boring, home page)

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My view of computing, both research and teaching, is pretty neatly summed up in the following quotation from Christopher Strachey, founder of the Programming Research Group at Oxford University:


My current research is concerned with formal software development, with emphasis on structuring formal specifications, tool support for the refinement calculus, and techniques for combining and adapting formal derivations.

I am working on FoRST supported ISuRF (Improving Software using Requirements Formalization) project, in conjunction with Steve Reeves and Mark Utting at Waikato and Ray Nickson at VUW.

And on a project on Proof Methodologies for Concurrent Algorithms with Mark Moir at Sun Labs, and others at VUW. We have verified a number of nonblocking implementations of concurrent data structures. Some of our verification attempts have uncovered bugs in published algorithms, which we have corrected, others have led to ideas for improving the algorithm.

I also have interests in automated reasoning, logic programming, program visualisation, interactive programming systems, and databases, and am a member of the Software Engineering Research Group.


Here is a list of some of my recent publications (or rather, not so recent - this is way out of date! I'll update it when I find time - email me if you want to know about my more recent work). You can find some of my older publications as VUW technical reports.


Some recent (this is also not very recent!) graduate student projects:

Some suggestions about possible projects I would be interested in supervising.


I am (or was) on the programme committee for the following conferences

Also see:


I am currently involved in teaching the following courses: COMP473 Special Topic: Formal Aspect of Concurrent Systems is also available.

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