Bayesian methods of data analysis

Bayesian methods are used in the analysis of evidence and the more standard analysis of data. In the latter we have been examining the Maxent method.

Trawl tomography

The following diagram shows contour plots of the density of hoki for a sequence of weeks through the 1991 fishing season, as extracted by our method.


MaxEnt Methods

The MaxEnt, or Maximum Entropy, methods of assigning prior distributions in bayesian methods were introduced by Jaynes. His approach to probability is set out in his book Probability theory - The Logic of Science.

We have been using maxent in using information from random commercial trawls to determine the spacial density of hoki fish schools in the seas off the West Coast of New Zealand. Suzette Lizamore has completed an MSc thesis including an analysis of this problem. It was presented as a paper (postscript, 602K) to the 1995 Maxent Workshop in Santa Fe

Image Analysis

Bevan Flack's MSc thesis topic is combining images from several satellites to make use of all the data in their detector channels to distinguish sea and land and high and low cloud. The satellites used are both geostationary and polar-orbiting. The image below is a picture from two satellites over a very cloudy New Zealand classified in this way into the four types from a series of satellite images.

New Zealand
Satellite Picture

MaxEnt Links

An abstract of our paper to the 1994 maxEnt conference is available. The MaxEnt Conference abstracts are available and much material on Maxent is kept in Carlos Rodriguez's page.

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