Clarifying Matters of (Meta-) Modeling

Thomas Kühne


In his article "More Matters on (Meta-)Modelling - Remarks on Thomas Kühne's 'matters'" Wolfgang Hesse addresses some of the issues I have raised in my article "Matters of (Meta-) Modeling" and I very much welcome his idea of stirring up a constructive debate about some important fundamentals of modeling.

In this response I follow up the discussion started by Hesse by focusing on areas of disagreement, in particular pointing out where statements in my original article have been interpreted in a way I did not intend. Ideally, the following clarifications will thus aid the understanding of the issues I have originally addressed and continue the constructive debate started in Hesse's follow-up article.

Keywords: modeling, metamodeling, characteristics of metaness, ontological versus linguistic classification

7 pages.