Visualizing Software Metrics in Java Code

Project Description

CorpusVis is an application I have built for my honours project supervised by, Dr Craig Anslow of Victoria University of Wellington.

We do not fully understand how software violates metric based principles, this problem is magnified when we are looking at large code bases. At current we do not have a web-based platform allowing us to view visualizations of Java code in a widget-based manner. The goal of this project is to develop a number of existing software visualizations that use metrics as their data source, bring them together in a web based platform, and then use the platform to evaluate how the visualizations perform for large code bases.

Project Application

The CorpusVis application can be found here. The application is a widget style dashboard whereby you can add different widgets from the widget menu and view how they change as you step through the different versions of a chosen system. Currently the system has 5 visualizations developed using D3.js.


For the project we have used the Qualitas Corpus as our dataset. The Qualitas corpus is a curated collection of large, versioned Java systems that meets the needs for this project.

User Study

I am currently looking for participants to perform a user study for the application. The study will involve filling out a questionnaire while using the application and will take around 30 minutes.

The user study can be found here.

The application tutorial can be found here.

The application prototype can be found here.


To get in touch with me regarding the prototype or any other requests, please email me at

To contact my supervisor, Dr. Craig Anslow, please email