Why Do Programmers Do What They Do?

VUW Honours Project 2020

Research Master Application ID: 0000028506

Who Am I?

Kia ora koutou! My name is Lavanya Sajwan and I am an Honours student in the school of engineering and computer science at Victoria University of Wellington. This research project is work towards partial fulfilment of the requirements for Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Software Engineering.

What is the Aim of the Project?

This project is an informative investigation on how software programmers implement and adopt security practices in the work they do in order to develop an understanding of what influences and impacts decisions surrounding their technical work. Your participation will support this research by providing insight to the solutions that developers are using to implement in their security practices. Essentially this research aims to gather your experiences and compare them with those of your peers to understand the use of security practices in the New Zealand industry.

How Can You Help?

The process that I will be following is through using Grounded Theory as a framework. Therefore, I need to interview many participants in order to gain enough information to form a theory around my findings. Participants should be professional programmers in industry and are over the age of 18 whom implement and adopt security practices at work.


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