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These tarballs are intended to build and run on any POSIX-compatible
system. They are known to work on Linux and Mac OS X with suitable

To build, run ./configure and then make. To rebuild from Grace source,
optionally use `make selfhost`. Minigrace depends only on GCC, dlopen,
and libm, all of which should be available by default.

After compiling, minigrace can run a program with:
  ./minigrace program.grace
To make an executable without running:
  ./minigrace --make program.grace
To run code from standard input:
To produce JavaScript in program.js:
  ./minigrace --target js -o program.js program.grace
For additional verbosity:
  ./minigrace --verbose ...
To enable tail-call support:
  ./minigrace -XTailCall ...
To show the subtype matrix or parse tree:
  ./minigrace --target subtypematrix program.grace
  ./minigrace --target parse program.grace

Bugs or questions to minigrace @