Mengjie Zhang, Genetic Programming for Feature Selection and Construction

Evolutionary Bioinformatics

In partnership with School of Biology and School of Mathematics and Statistics, we investigate the use and development of evolutionary computation and machine learning methods for complex biological applications/tasks. In particular, we are interested in developing new EC algorithms for

  • Feature selection, and biomarker Discovery in Proteomics Mass Spectrometry data.
  • Feature Construction and classification in bio-medical data.
  • Protein analysis and text mining.
  • Bio and medical image analysis including feature extraction and classification.
  • Visualisation of important features and objectives.

A strong background in Java/C/C++ programming and a basic background in Artificial Intelligence, biology and statistics are required. A good background in machine learning is desired (COMP307).

This project will be co-supervised by Dr Lifeng Peng (Biology), A/Prof Ivy Liu (Statistics) and Dr Bing Xue. Please check,, and for publications and other information.