On Wednesday, January 12th, we have planned a day trip led by Charles Semple. We will begin at the parking lot shown at the bottom of the map below and walk to the Mt. Fyffe Hut. We will then take the Spaniard Spur to the Kowhai River and return to where we started. We might also take a side trip to Mt. Fyffe itself (1602m elevation).

Here is Charles' description of the walk: "It shouldn't be too bad, although as you can guess there is plenty of uphill. The plan would be to walk up the road to the hut. From there people can decide if they want to head to the top, go back the way we came, and/or head down to the Kowhai River. The track to the river should be okay (I haven't done this part before). The track along the river is fine (I have walked this part). Note that people will get their feet wet on the way out via the river. Timewise, I'm not sure how long the day will be, but I'd guess it would fill in most of it."