Day 0: Tuesday 11 December 2007
18:00-20:00 Reception and Registration University Staff Club

 Day 1: Wednesday 12 December 2007 MORNING
7:45 Registration Maclaurin foyer
8:15 Conference welcome: Dr Di McCarthy (RSNZ), US Ambassador Bill McCormick MCLT103
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Michael Freedman MCLT103 Chair: Vaughan Jones
Physically Motivated Questions in Topology: Manifold Pairings
Quantum Topology 1 (MCLT103)
Chair: S Morrison
Matroids, Graphs & Complexity 1 (MCLT102)
Chair: D Mayhew
Dynamics & Control: Applications to Biomedicine 1 (COLT122)
Chair: H Scaettler
New Trends in Spectral Analysis & PDE 1 (CO118)
Chair: B Belinskiy
History & Philosophy of Mathematics 1 (CO119)
Chair: C Montelle
Special Functions & Orthogonal Polynomials 1 (CO216)
Chair: E Kalnins
General Contributions 1 (CO228)
Chair: R McKibbin
9:50 Andrew Kricker
Covering spaces and the Kontsevich integral
Paul Seymour
Forcing a K2,t minor
James Sneyd
Calcium and ducks
Graeme Wake
Spectral properties of non-local eigenvalue problems
Douglas Bridges
Constructive reverse mathematics
Dennis Stanton
Finite fields and (q, t)-binomials
Winston Sweatman
Full ionisation in binary-binary encounters at high velocity
10:15 Florina Halasan
Absolutely continuous spectrum for the Anderson model on more general trees
Hannes Diener
The dark side of constructive reverse mathematics
John Harper
Electrophoresis of gas bubbles
10:40 Morning Tea: Maclaurin foyer
11:00 Noah Snyder
The ribbon half-twist
Gordon Royle
Binary matroids with no K3,3 minor
Helmut Maurer
Optimal multi-drug control of the innate immune response with time delays
Colin Fox
Semi-analytic spectral methods
Iris Loeb
Indecomposability of the continuum in constructive reverse mathematics
Pee Choon Toh
Representations of certain binary quadratic forms as Lambert series
Ratneesh Suri
A real options approach to fisheries
11:25 David Gauld
Foliations and non-metrisable manifolds
Isidoro Gitler
Some links between combinatorial optimization properties of clutters and algebraic properties of monomial ideals
Urszula Ledzewicz
Optimal and suboptimal protocols for a class of mathematical models of tumor growth under angiogenic inhibitors
Philip Catton
Elegance and insight: what is the link?
Shayne Waldron
Tight frames of multivariate orthogonal polynomials
Nick Depree
Mathematical modelling of an annealing furnace
11:50 Vaughan Jones
Scott Graybill
TGF - a renal feedback mechanism
David Wall
The mathematics of imaging in magnetic resonance elastography
Edmund Chiang
On the Nevanlinna order of Lommel functions and subnormal solutions of certain complex differential equations
Celine Cattoen
Cosmography: extracting the Hubble series from the supernova data
12:15-13.45 Lunchtime

 Day 1: Wednesday 12 December 2007 AFTERNOON
13:45 Plenary Speaker: Gaven Martin MCLT103 Chair: Robert McLachlan
Curvature and Dynamics
Hopf Algebras & Quantum Groups 1 (MCLT103)
Computability Theory 1 (MCLT102)
Chair: B Kjos-Janssen
Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory 1 (COLT122)
Chair: M Nicol
New Trends in Spectral Analysis & PDE 2 (CO118)
Chair: A Biswas
University Mathematics Education 1 (CO119)
Special Functions & Orthogonal Polynomials 2 (CO216)
Chair: D Stanton
General Contributions 2 (CO228)
Chair: V Kirk
14:50 David Radford
On the representations of pointed Hopf algebras
Carl Jockusch Jr
Chains and antichains in (weakly) stable posets
Mathias Beiglböck
Ramsey theory from a dynamical viewpoint
Yulia Karpeshina
Quasi-intersections of isoenergetic surfaces: description in terms of determinants
Derek Holton
Where have all the mathematicians gone?
Michael Schlosser
Macdonald polynomials in the light of basic hypergeometric series
Robert McKibbin
Modelling turbulent dispersion of pollen in a forest canopy
15:15 Jan Reimann
Effective capacitability and dimension of measures
Anthony Dooley
The AT property is not preserved by finite extensions
Gunter Stolz
Bubbles tend to the boundary
Heung Yeung Lam
Sixteen Eisenstein series
Neil Watson
Recent progress on the heat equation
15:40 Afternoon Tea: Maclaurin foyer
16:00 Akira Masuoka
On cocycle deformations of pointed Hopf algebras with abelian grouplikes
Antonio Montalban
On the back-and-forth relation on Boolean algebras
Anthony Quas
Distances in positive density sets
William Desmond Evans
Inequalities of Hardy-Sobolev and Hardy-Gagliardo-Nirenberg type
David Easdown
Teaching proofs in mathematics
Nicholas Witte
Semi-classical orthogonal polynomials and the Painlevé-Garnier systems
ChungChun Yang
On entire solutions of certain type of nonlinear differential equations
16:25 Yevgenia Kashina
Classifying Semisimple Hopf Algebras of dimension 2n
Denis R. Hirschfeldt
Atomic models and genericity
Alistair Windsor
Tilings and Gallai's theorem
Writing effective university mathematics texts and courseware: What works, and what's new?
Chair: Patricia Cretchley
Howard S. Cohl
Fourier expansions of the fundamental solution for powers of the Laplacian in Rn
Yuncheng You
Regularity asymptotics of vorticity for the 2D Navier-Stokes equation
16:50 Siu-Hung Ng
On the classification of Hopf algebras of dimension pq
Barbara F. Csima
Linear orders with distinguished function symbol
Reinhard Winkler
For a topologist, typical sequences are extremely irregular
Richard Askey
The first addition formula and some of what came later
Petarpa Boonserm
Buchdahl-like transformations in general relativity
17.30-18.30 NZMS Annual General Meeting and Colloquium Meeting MCLT103

 Day 2: Thursday 13 December 2007 MORNING
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Rod Downey MCLT103 Chair: Rob Goldblatt
Practical FPT and Foundations of Kernelization
Quantum Topology 2 (MCLT103)
Chair: D Gauld
Computability Theory 2 (MCLT102)
Chair: C Jockusch
Dynamics & Control: Applications to Biomedicine 2 (COLT122)
Chair: J Sneyd
New Trends in Spectral Analysis & PDE 3 (CO118)
Chair: G Wake
History & Philosophy of Mathematics 2 (CO119)
Chair: K Pledger
Integrability of Continuous and Discrete Evolution Systems 1 (CO216)
Chair: M Hickman/R Quispel
General Contributions 3 (CO228)
Chair: K Teo
9:50 Michael Freedman
Continuation of plenary talk: Manifold pairings
Cristian S. Calude
Representation of computably enumerable e-random reals
Phil Wilson
The lipid bilayer at the mesoscale: a physical continuum model
Boris Pavlov
An ill-posed problem in scattering theory
Bruce Burdick
Mathematical problems from the Maine Farmer's Almanac
Reinout Quispel
Discrete integrable systems
Irwin Pressman
Steiner triples and a solution of the Kirkman school girl problem using matrices with multiple symmetry properties
10:15 Johanna Franklin
Truth table reducibility and Schnorr triviality
Emily Harvey
Complex oscillations in mathematical models of calcium dynamics
Annalisa Calini
Cable formation for finite-gap solutions of the vortex filament flow
Jim Tattersall
Mathematical contributions to the Educational Times from Australia and New Zealand
Willy Hereman
Symbolic computation of conservation laws of nonlinear PDEs in (n+1)-dimensions
Bill Taylor
A note on strategies for win/loss symmetric games
10:40 Morning Tea: Maclaurin foyer
11:00 Christopher Tuffley
Generalised knot groups
Keng Meng Ng
Strong jump traceability and beyond
Carlo Laing
Bumps and rings in a two-dimensional neural field: splitting and rotational instabilities
Jochen Brüning
The equivariant index theorem for Dirac operators
Lawrence D'Antonio
Leonard Euler and the dastardly John Robison
Mark Hickman
Leading order integrability conditions for differential-difference equations
E. F. Cornelius, Jr.
Module-building with polynomials and power series
11:25 Shona Yu
The cyclotomic Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebras
Ludwig Staiger
On universal computably enumerable prefix codes
Dann Mallet
A hybrid CA-PDE model of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in the female genital tract
Hardy Grant
Episodes from the career of the Riemann Hypothesis
Gerrard Liddell
American barriers
Kevin Byard
Qualified residue difference sets from unions of cyclotomic classes
11:50 Scott Morrison
Lasagna composition of Khovanov link homologies, and a 4-d skein module
George Barmpalias
Relative randomness and cardinality
Andrzej Swierniak
Evolution of repeats in microsatellite DNA and emergency of genetic disorders
Anjan Biswas
Quasi-stationary solitons for Langmuir waves in plasmas
Paul R Wolfson
Algebraic invariant theory and characteristic classes
Ernie Kalnins
Integrability and separation of variables
Daniel Lond
Külshammer's second problem
12:15-12:45 ANZIAM Annual General Meeting MCLT103
12:15-13:45 Lunchtime

 Day 2: Thursday 13 December 2007 AFTERNOON
13:45 Plenary Speaker: Assaf Naor MCLT103 Chair: Ruth Charney
The Story of the Sparsest Cut Problem
Group Theory, Actions & Computation 1 (MCLT103)
Chair: R Blyth
Matroids, Graphs, and Complexity 2 (MCLT102)
Chair: J Oxley
Water Wave Scattering Focusing on Wave-Ice Interactions 1 (COLT122)
Chair: M Meylan
Geometric Numerical Integration 1 (CO118)
Chair: R Quispel
University Mathematics Education 2 (CO119)
Infinite-Dimensional Groups & Their Actions 1 (CO216)
Chair:A Dooley/S Morris
General Contributions 4 (CO228)
Chair: R Beatson
14:50 Ruth Charney
Partially symmetric automorphisms of free groups
Henry Crapo
Simplicial maps, and the generic rigidity matroid
Alison Kohout
An elastic plate model for wave scattering in the marginal ice zone
Laurent O. Jay
Butcher trees and curve search in nonlinear optimization
William McCallum
Secondary mathematics from an advanced standpoint
Sidney A. Morris
The structure of connected pro-Lie groups
Michael Tuite
Vertex operator algebras on genus two Riemann surfaces
15:15 Gareth L. Vaughan
Scattering and damping of ice coupled waves
John Butcher
G-symplectic general linear methods
Christopher Atkin
Isometries of infinite-dimensional Riemannian manifolds
V.Lakshmana Gomathi Nayagam
Fuzzy translation invariant topological spaces
15:40 Afternoon Tea: Maclaurin foyer
16:00 Gerhard Rosenberger
The Tits alternative for sherical generalized tetrahedron groups
Rhiannon Hall
Chain-type and splitter-type theorems for cocircuits and hyperplanes in 3-connected matroids
Malte A. Peter
Time-dependent water waves incident on a vertical elastic plate
Yousaf Habib
Symplectic methods with transformations
G. Arthur Mihram
Three attributes of tertiary-level mathematical education to one's society and its advancement of science
Hendrik Grundling
On group algebras for non-locally compact groups
Andrew Percy
Cohomology cross-cap products
16:25 Benjamin Fine
On some finiteness properties in infinite groups
Thomas Britz
Matroids applied to coding theory
Luke Bennetts
Wave scattering by a periodic line array of axisymmetric ice floes
Dion O'Neale
Geometric integration, high oscillation and resonance
Bill Barton
Revisiting Felix Klein's “Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint”
Stefano Ferri
Groups acting on Banach spaces
Driss Drissi
On bounded sequences and applications to invariant subspace problem
Postponed: new time TBA
16:50 Gunter Steinke
Old and new on the universal covering group of SL(2, R)
Peter Humphries
A basis exchange property for matroids
Michael Meylan
Simulation of near-trapping time-dependent water wave problem
Klas Modin
On explicit adaptive symplectic integration of separable Hamiltonian systems
Round Table Discussion
What mathematics studies are essential for secondary level mathematics teachers?
Christian Rosendal
Generic representations of finitely generated groups
Jacek Krawczyk
A viability theory approach to a two-stage optimal control problem
17:15-17:40 Early evening break Robert McLachlan
Achieving Brouwer's law of round-off error
Vladimir Pestov
A footnote to the property (FH)
Early evening break
17:40-18:15 Early evening break

 Day 2: Thursday 13 December 2007 EVENING
Special Functions & Orthogonal Polynomials 3 (MCLT103)
Chair: M Ismail
Matroids, Graphs, & Complexity 3 (MCLT102)
Chair: G Whittle
Dynamics & Control: Applications to Biomedicine 3 (COLT122)
Chair: A Radunskaya
Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory 2 (CO118)
Chair: R Murray
18:15 Walter Van Assche
Multiple Hermite polynomials and some applications
Carolyn Chun
Unavoidable minors of loosely c-connected infinite graphs
Michael Plank
Levy random walks in ecology: fact or fiction?
Arno Berger
Uniform attraction and growth in nonautonomous dynamical systems
18:40 Maria Chudnovsky
Even pairs in Berge graphs
Annette Molinaro
Piecewise constant estimation algorithms for predicting clinical outcomes: applications in genomic data
Wenzhi Luo
Equidistribution of closed geodesics on the modular surface
19:05 Tom ter Elst
Does diffusion determine the drum?
Michal Swierniak
SVD based analysis of DNA microarray data
Martin Wechselberger
Canard induced mixed-mode oscillations
19:30 Diego Dominici
Asymptotic analysis of the Bell polynomials by the ray method
Ilze Ziedins
Nonmonotonicity of phase transitions in a tree loss network
19:55 Song Heng Chan
Congruences for Andrews-Paule's broken 2-diamond partition function

 Day 3: Friday 14 December 2007 MORNING
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Bruce Kleiner MCLT103 Chair: Marston Conder
Bilipschitz Embedding in Banach Spaces
Hopf Algebras & Quantum Groups 2 (MCLT103)
Computability Theory 3 (MCLT102)
Chair: T Slaman
Dynamics & Control: Applications to Biomedicine 4 (COLT1222)
Chair: U Ledzewicz
Geometric Numerical Integration 2 (CO118)
Chair: R McLachlan
University Mathematics Education 3 (CO119)
Infinite-Dimensional Groups & Their Actions 2 (CO216)
Chair: C Atkin/ G Hjorth
General Contributions 5 (CO228)
Chair: B Barton
9:50 Fred Van Oystaeyen
On crystalline graded rings
Hugh Woodin
Definable determinacy and second order number theory
Graeme Wake
Modelling of cancer treatment
Melvin Leok
Homogeneous variational integrators for Lagrangian dynamics on two-spheres
Matthias Kawski
Interactive visualization in advanced university mathematics
Lionel Nguyen Van Thé
Oscillation stability for topological groups and Ramsey theory
Peter Donelan
Genericity of serial manipulator singularities
10:15 Chi Tat Chong
A Π11 uniformization principle for reals
Wen Duan
Mathematical modeling of GnRH neurons in the rat brain
Mayya Tokman
Evaluating performance of exponential integrators
Tim Passmore
A flexible, extensible online Testing system for mathematics
Yevhen Zelenyuk
On finite groups in Stone-Cech compactifications
Avinesh Prasad
A Lyapunov-based path planning and obstacle avoidance for a two-link manipulator on a wheeled platform
10:40 Morning Tea: Maclaurin foyer
11:00 Blas Torrecillas
The Dickson subcategory splitting conjecture for pseudocompact algebras
Andre Nies
Borel presentable structures
Inga Wang
A mathematical model of airway and pulmonary arteriole smooth muscle
Allison Heard
Stability of numerical solvers for ordinary differential equations
Patricia Cretchley
Readiness for first-year mathematics studies: management, placement and prognosis
Anthony Dooley
Costs of equivalence relations and group actions
Krishna Sami Raghuwaiya
Potential field functions for motion planning and posture control of 3-trailer systems
11:25 Miodrag C Iovanov
(Co)representation theoretic approach to fundamental results in Hopf algebras
Qi Feng
Solovay pairs and supercompacteness
Peter Hinow
A mathematical model quantifies proliferation and motility effects of TGF-b on cancer cells
Philip Zhang
Dynamics and numerics of some generalised Euler equations
Mark Nelson
Online learning resources for engineering students: do they work?
Inessa Epstein
Orbit inequivalent actions of non-amenable groups
Bibhya Sharma
A navigation and collision avoidance scheme for heterogeneous robot collectives
11:50 Juan Cuadra
The Hopf-Schur subgroup
Noam Greenberg
Working above totally omega-c.e. degrees using strong reducibilities
L.G. de Pillis
A mathematical model of B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Will Wright
The efficient evaluation of functions related to the matrix exponential
Alex James
From lessons to lectures: NCEA mathematics and first year performance
Todor Tsankov
Full groups of equivalence relations
Agnes Radl
Transport processes in networks with scattering ramification nodes
12:15-12:40 Lunchtime Krzysztof Fujarewicz
Optimal sampling for identification of models of cell signaling pathways
Reinout Quispel
Geometric Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations
12:40-13:45 Lunchtime

 Day 3: Friday 14 December 2007 AFTERNOON
13:45 Plenary Speaker: Marston Conder MCLT103 Chair: David Gauld
Group Theory, Actions, & Computation 2 (MCLT103)
Chair: M Conder
Special Functions & Orthogonal Polynomials 4 (MCLT102)
Chair: W van Assche
Dynamics & Control: Applications to Biomedicine 5 (COLT122)
Chair: L de Pillis
New Trends in Spectral Analysis & PDE 4 (CO118)
Chair: G Stolz
History & Philosophy of Mathematics 3 (CO119)
Chair: J Tattersall
Matroids, Graphs, & Complexity 4 (CO216)
Chair: D Mayhew
Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory 3 (CO228)
Chair: A Berger
14:50 Tomaž Pisanski
A census of edge-transitive tessellations
Mourad E. H. Ismail
Addition theorems via continued fractions
Heinz Schättler
Minimizing the tumor size in mathematical models for novel cancer treatments
Stephen McDowall
Optical tomography in media with varying index of refraction
Bronwyn Rideout
Probability in ancient Greek: moving beyond the traditional narrative
Joseph P. Kung
The Tutte polynomial turned upside down
Boris Baeumer
Brownian subordinators and fractional Cauchy problems
15:15 Alona Ben-Tal
Modelling Cheyne-Stokes Respiration and other aspects of the control of respiration
Boris P Belinskiy
Stochastic wave equation driven by a fractional Brownian motion
Clemency Montelle
Hypsicles of Alexandria and arithmetical sequences
Dmitry Dolgopyat
Galton board
15:40 Afternoon Tea: Maclaurin foyer
16:00 Jin Ho Kwak
Enumerating chiral maps on surfaces with a given underlying graph
Andrea Laforgia
The zeros of the complementary error function
Ami Radunskaya
A delayed-differential model of the immune response: optimization and analysis
Sergei Avdonin
Control and inverse problems for partial differential equations on graphs
Kim Plofker
Mathematics and observation in Indian astronomical parameters
Charles Little
Minimal non-bipartite join covered graphs
Ian Melbourne
Decay of correlations for Lorentz gases
16:25 Antonio Breda d'Azevedo
Bicontactual rotary hypermaps
Kevin A Broughan
The vanishing of the integral of the Hurwitz zeta function
Matthias Kawski
Chronological calculus and nonlinear feedback loops
Georgi Raikov
Spectral properties of a magnetic quantum Hamiltonian on a strip
John Hannah
Limits of solvability: unsolvable problems in Fibonacci's Liber Abbaci
Gary Gordon
Automorphisms of matroids associated with root systems
Matthew Nicol
Extreme value statistics for non-uniformly hyperbolic systems
16:50 Gareth Jones
Total chirality of maps and hypermaps on Riemann surfaces
Bruce C. Berndt
Modified Bessel functions in Ramanujan's lost notebook
Robert Donnelly
Cellular automata model of radiation therapy in cervical cancer
Felipe Leitner
On unitary conformal holonomy
Petr Hlineny
Finding Branch-decompositions and Rank-decompositions
17:15-18:30 Early evening break
18:30 for 19:00 Conference Dinner Skyline Restaurant

 Day 4: Saturday 15 December 2007 MORNING
8:45 Plenary Speaker: Theodore A Slaman MCLT103 Chair: Hugh Woodin
Effective randomness and continuous measures
Computability Theory 4 (MCLT103)
Chair: C T Chong
Special Functions & Orthogonal Polynomials 5 (MCLT102)
Chair: B Berndt
Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory 4 (COLT122)
Chair: I Ziedens
Hopf Algebras & Quantum Groups 3 (CO118)
General Contributions 6 (CO119)
Chair: G Weir
Group Theory, Actions, & Computation 3 (CO216)
Chair: M Conder
General Contributions 7 (CO228)
Chair: J Harper
9:50 Guohua Wu
On the complexity of the successivity relation in computable linear orderings
Ernie Kalnins
Orthogonal polynomials and associated algebras
Keith Burns
Typical partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with one dimensional center are accessible
Susan Montgomery
Frobenius-Schur indicators for Hopf algebras
Mareli Korostenski
Regular martingales in Riesz spaces
Russell Blyth
Nonabelian tensor squares of free nilpotent groups of finite rank
Sun Young Jang
C*-algebras like the Toeplitz algebra
10:15 Frank Stephan
Sets of nonrandom numbers
Gary Froyland
Phase transitions and equilibrium states
Muni V. Reddy
Some recent developments on the structure of lattice rules
R.K. Beatson
Preconditioning radial basis function interpolation problems using mean value coordinates
10:40 Morning Tea: Maclaurin foyer
11:00 Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen
Infinite subsets of random sets of integers
Wenchang Chu
Abel's lemma on summation by parts and theta hypergeometric series
Rua Murray
Ulam's method for invariant measures with an indifferent fixed point
Stefaan Caenepeel
A structure theorem for relative Hopf bimodules with applications to Morita equivalences
S. K. Sunanda
Generalized Opial type L(p)-inequalities for fractional derivatives
Arturo Magidin
Capable groups of class two and prime exponent
Alexey L. Sadovski
On spacial statistics models of the determination of the geoid
11:25 Bakhadyr Khoussainov
Kolmogorov complexity, computable categoricity, and Frasse limits
Garry J. Tee
Permutable polynomials and rational functions
Luchezar Stoyanov
Spectra of Ruelle transfer operators for contact flows on basic sets
Aaron Armour
The geometric classification of four dimensional superalgebras
Stephen Joe
Lattice rules for integration over Rs
Michael A. Jackson
The strong symmetric genus and generalized symmetric groups: results and a conjecuture
Gloria Cravo
Snapshot-based theory: an interdisciplinary approach
11:50 Paul Brodhead
Continuity of capping in EbT
Michael Hirschhorn
Some conjectures of Melham concerning representations by figurate numbers
Gustaf Söderlind
Adaptive geometric integration: structural aspects of reversible step size control
Yorck Sommerhäuser
Hopf algebras and congruence subgroups
Alastair McNaughton
Loci of zeros in fractional calculus
Marston Conder
Short presentations for the alternating and symmetric groups
Igor Boglaev
Robust monotone iterates
12:15 Lunchtime

 Day 4: Saturday 15 December 2007 AFTERNOON
13:45 Plenary Speaker: Matt Visser MCLT103 Chair: Matt Miller
Emergent spacetimes, rainbow geometries, and pseudo-Finsler geometries
Matroids, Graphs, & Complexity 5 (MCLT103)
Chair: J Oxley
Special Functions & Orthogonal Polynomials 6 (MCLT102)Chair: R Askey
14:50 Jim Geelen
Binary matroid minors
N J Wildberger
Spread Polynomials
15:15 A. Sri Ranga
Asymptotics for Gegenbauer-Sobolev and Hermite-Sobolev orthogonal polynomials associated with non-coherent pairs of measures
15:40 Afternoon Tea
16:00 Dillon Mayhew
The excluded minors for the class of matroids that are either binary or ternary
Ross Barnett
High-precision values of the gamma function of real argument
16:25 Neil Robertson
Ole Warnaar
The Mukhin-Varchenko conjecture