James Noble's Retro Homepage

James Noble joined VUW as a Lecturer in 1999 and was Professor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) until February 2022.

Pronouns: prof / profs

E-mail: kjx@ecs.vuw.ac.nz (preferred)
Zoom: vuw.zoom.us/my/jameskjx


I'm involved in the Grace programming language design project.


My research profile includes programming langauges, software engineering, design patterns, ownership types, and the philosophy of computer science, coloured by a long-standing interest in object-orientation. I'm looking for project and thesis students in all of these areas.


I'm an associate editor of ACM TOPLAS --- Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems

James Noble's Laws of Software

  1. Good projects produce software. Bad projects produce methodologies. (Corollary: all progress depends on bad projects),
  2. Every alternative to UML that you invent will be worse than UML itself.
  3. The best thing about the best ideas is how often they get rediscovered.

Other Stuff

You can find my calendar, cv (html), wikipedia entry, publicity bios, interviews and talks, publications at dblp, profile at Google scholar, techreports, darkest karori (blog), selective yellow (research music), the doubtful sounds (pop music), or email me.