The Project

Climate change is a change in the usual weather found in a location. Scientists believe it is being accelerated by the inventions of humankind for activities like transportation and generating power. Climate change is an essential and ongoing area of research, but the general public lacks the tools to understand how the environment is changing.

The goal of this project is to produce a web application that can help the general public visualise how New Zealand’s environment is changing. The reason for creating such an application is to raise awareness about climate change. This project is an Honours project in Software Engineering and is supervised by Dr. Craig Anslow of Victoria University of Wellington.

The Prototype

ClimateVis is a web application which can visualise data from New Zealand’s environment. Visualisation is a method of displaying data that helps people understand patterns in the data. ClimateVis tries to streamline the process creating these visualisations. Each visualisation can be interacted with allowing you to explore and engage with the data being shown. Advanced features of ClimateVis let you further refine the visualised data. ClimateVis lets you create and interact with visualisations that aim to show you how New Zealand’s environment is changing.


Sean Hone


Dr. Craig Anslow