Math 434, Semester 1 2019

Instructor: Matthew Harrison-Trainor

Class Time and Place: 11:00-12:50 Wednesday and 12:00-12:50 Friday, CO 531

Office hours: CO 430, by appointment,

Lecture Notes: I will be writing a set of lecture notes during the semester. The current version is here. There is also a set of course notes from the 2018 offering of this course here.

Grading: There will be six assignments, worth 10% each, due every second Friday. There will also be a final exam worth 40%.

Syllabus: History and axioms of ZFC; classes; defining the natural numbers; well-orders and ordinals; cardinality; Shroeder-Bernstein; Zorn's Lemma; ultrafilters; Ramey's theorem; cumulative hierarchy; simple independence results; perfect set property; Cantor-Bendixson derivatives; Godel's constructible universe; continuum hpyothesis; other topics depending on student interest.


Assignment #1 Due: March 15. Solution to problem 2.

Assignment #2 Due: March 29.

Assignment #3 Due: April 12. Solution to problems 2 and 4.

Assignment #4 Due: May 10. Solution to problems 4 and 7.

Assignment #5 Due: May 24.

Assignment #6 Due: June 7. Solution to problem 6.