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COMP413 Distributed Systems

(John Hine) Mon, Wed 10-11:30 CO249
Text Book - Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms.
Forum Today 2 days
Lecture Notes
References - powered by RIMS.
Socket - information on udp socket programming in C.

"You know you have one when the crash of a computer you've never heard of stops you from getting any work done."
-Leslie Lamport with an alternative definition for a distributed system.

COMP442 Issues in Databases and Information Systems

(Pavle Mogin) Tue, Thu 11:30-1:00 CO249
Forum Today 2 days
Authors page.
TextErrata - Errata and Clarifications for the 442 textbook.
References - powered by RIMS. PostgreSQL

COMP307 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

(Xiaoying Gao / Peter Andreae) Tue, Fri 3:00-4:00 + 1hr tut, HU LT119
Forum Today 2 days
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COMP489 Research Project

(Lindsay Groves) Thu 1.00-2:30 (Meeting) CO339
Honours Page - Homepage for my research project.
Research group web page - Se-view, software engineering research group.
Project Guidelines

COMP432 Functional Programming

(Neil Leslie) Tue, Thu 9.30-11.00, CO249
References - powered by RIMS.

High thoughts must have high language.
Aristophanes, Frogs, 405 B.C.

COMP462 Object Oriented Paradigms

(James Noble /Robert Biddle) Tue 12:00-2:00, CO342
Dictionary definition of Object-Oriented
Citeseer - for assignment2 paper.
References - powered by RIMS.

COMP471 Semantics of Concurrency

(Matthew Hennessy) Tue, Thu 3.00-4:30, CO249
Node viewer - Experimental.
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Tutoring 2002

Tutoring COMP 301 - Software Engineering Principles (Stuart Marshall/Stephen Marshall)

Tutoring COMP 304 - Programming Languages (Neil Leslie) (Forum)

Tutoring COMP 389 - Software Engineering Project (James Noble)
What is the Enigma?. Project: Customisable Web Pages for MCS.

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