LiveJ - Visualizing Java Software Measurements

The Lightweight Interactive Visualization Environment for Java (LiveJ) is a prototype visual software analytics tool for visualizing measurements of Java software. This work follows on from earlier work in our research group on Understanding the Shape of Java Software.

Currently the visualizations take data generated from the Java byte code analyser tool mete-tools created by Ewan Tempero at the University of Auckland. The data is first uploaded to a Google spreadsheet and then visualizations are created using the Google Visualization API.

Example: JGraph Dependencies

The following visualizations show the frequency of dependency types amongst entities in the Java open source application JGraph. The dependency types are explained on measuring dependencies with mete-tools. The InvokeVirtual type (an instance method is invoked on the to module, which is a class) is the most frequent followed by the Get type (an instance field of to module is read from).

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