Visualizing Road Network Traffic

TrafficVis is a an Honours project being completed by Jonathan Carr.
Supervisors: Dr. Craig Anslow of Victoria University of Wellington, Chris Vallyon of Beca Group Ltd.

Project Description

The road network is an essential component of the infrastructure of any country for facilitating the transport of goods and people. The resiliency of a road network refers to it's ability to function in unexpected conditions. Understanding the resiliency of the New Zealand road network and being able to identify potential resiliency issues is key to maintaining the country's infrastructure.

The aim of this project is to produce a web app that allows for efficient and intuitive methods of analysis for traffic data from the New Zealand State Highway network. This web app is aimed at traffic analysts, who currently lack a tool for exploring this data. The TrafficVis web app aims to make it easier to explore traffic trends, and identify resiliency issues in the road network.

TrafficVis Prototype

The TrafficVis prototype offers a widget-based dashboard for exploring a sampel of data from Febraury to April, 2017. The user can add from a selection of widgets to create a customized dashboard fir for their purporses. Widgets allow for the display and comparison of traffic volume, predicted traffic volume and flow profiles of hundreds of traffic monitoring sites on the State Highway network. Time controls allow the user to navigate the dataset as required.

Example Dashboards:

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