Alex's Reply to all PhD Queries

The VUW admission process is centralised with 3 intakes during the year:

Academics have little influence as to whether a person gets a full PhD scholarship: it is mostly based on GPA and publication record and is done centrally for the entire University.

It would be useful for me to know more about your background:

  1. Have you published any papers before or wrote any research theses (including at undergraduate level)?
  2. What relevant courses you completed in programming languages, compilers, type theory, mathematics, and do you have a transcript for that time?
  3. What relevant industrial experience do you have, especially when it comes with novel programming languages and what is your interest in the area?

You can see my interests by looking at my publications and you can also look at the others in our programming languages research group:

In terms of research, we mostly publish in OOPSLA, ECOOP, ICSE etc and are probably one of the strongest PL groups, especially in the area of object-oriented programming languages and type systems, south of the equator. :)

NB! If you don't email me with the above details and address the email to me showing that you know who you are talking to and what about rather than just spamming all the professors you found on the internet, I will delete you email without replying.