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  • submitted the death-before-birth paper to PLoS Biology. Fingers crossed.
  • PC committee of the Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI2010)
  • PhD examiner (NZ) for Mingzhe Liu (Massey).
  • PhD examiner (VUW internal) for xxxxxxx xxx.
  • Anna Friedlander summer research assistant.
  • with Ian Welch, had the idea for a Game of Life instantiation. Got (summer RA) Alexander Kane to work on a prototype.
  • referee for JMLR paper (on dependent Gaussian processes - re-routed to Phillip Boyle).
  • Sergio Hernandez's PhD thesis, submitted February.
  • am an AI on Marsden proposal with Joseph Bulbulia
  • am an AI on Marsden with Ed Abraham.
  • appointed as Programme Director for the Computer Science program in ECS.
  • also graduate coursework coordinator for ECS.
  • also coordinator for 30 point COMP research projects: COMP489 and COMP580.
  • run the "honours meeting" at end of year.
  • teaching COMP421 in T1 (all).
  • teaching COMP103 in T1 (all), and half of it in T2. It's still unclear who is helping me in T2. I think I prefer the 2nd half, so I can...
  • sit in on / study up COMP312, in preparation for teaching in it in 2011.
  • Joseph presented a joint paper at Otago conference
  • Supervision of Sergio (until March), Rohit, Eda, Zacwan for PhDs, and James Bebbington for MSc.

  • Gareth presented our "Mutation and Selection on Graphs" work to NETSCI - see programme, 29 June - 3 July, 2009, Venice.
  • invited to visit A.Prof David Dowe at Monash, ,Melbourne, for 10 days in December. Went. Travel, accom, and stipend paid.
  • invited and gave 2 hour tutorial on Deep Belief Nets to the 1st Research Students Summer School in ML, held at U. Melbourne, Dec 2-3.
  • invited by Paul Rainey to visit Rainey lab at NZ Institute for Advanced Study, Massey Albany. August 2009, I think.
  • outreach, Alice, at Parliament for Awhina, Maori whanau in science day.
  • outreach trip to Auckland in July...
  • Joseph presented our stuff to philosophy school here.
  • applied for money travel to see Nicolas in Rio for 2 months.
  • went to AI'08 and presented Frean and Boyle paper on GPO.
  • graduate coordinator for ECS.
  • also graduate coursework coordinator for ECS.
  • also coordinator for 30 point COMP research projects: COMP489 and COMP580.
    • organised the poster session + industry session for this.
  • run the "honours meeting" at end of year.
    • arranged external assessor
    • formulated software to compile the relevant info, allowing comparison of courses, and of students, to aid honours decision-making.
  • teaching: all of 103 in T1, half of it in T2. COMP421 in T1.
  • 2 Marsden fund applications: one as PI (Ed is AI) on network evolution, one as AI (Joseph is PI) on religious signaling.
  • refereeing for Computers and Industrial Engineering journal

  • Refereeing for journals IEEE-Trans.Evol comp., and JMLR.
  • Reviewer on the Program Committee for ICML'08 conference. (5 papers).
  • Examiner for an MSc, and a PhD (Grant Dick), both from Otago.
  • Taught 1/6 of Comp307, wrote an exam question, audited.
  • All of Comp421
  • Sat in on Comp102, helped with test (proofing and marking), wrote half the exam and marked 2 questions.
  • Helping Ian on equity committee.
  • Feb: Applied for Marsden (PI: Joseph Bulbulia), not funded.
  • June: Applied to 'Cognition, Religion and Theology' project, with Joseph, not funded.
  • July: reviewing as part of programme committee for AI-08. 5 papers. (and submitted one, with Phillip Boyle).
  • Applied for URF funds with Joseph - succesful ($17K I think).
  • Lecturing first half of COMP103. I will set the mid-term test, and mark it. Pondy's done 1st 5 lectures though, and is doing the assignments.
  • re-animated the Festival of Doubt
  • ran a summer reading group on social evolution - gave 6 talks.
  • tried to have "workshop your papers" sessions (w. Mengjie and Pondy).

  • Refereed for American Naturalist (Sinervo)
  • Talks:
    • Inference Group, Cambridge, January 2007. "Using HMMs to select actions in partially observable worlds".
    • BIOWIRE 2007 conference in Cambridge. Gave a 30 min talk "Births and Deaths under the Moran Process".
    • ANC Edinburgh (invited by Chris Williams), "Optimization using Gaussian Processes". Stayed 3 days. Transport and hotel.
    • Invited talk to Polynous, Cambridge / Trinity interest group. "The Prisoners' Dilemma". (Huxley was there..!).
    • Attended half day workshop on RBMs, with fellas from MS, organised by David. My talk: "Towards Parity".
    • Talk to Inference Group, 21st June 2007, "Optimization of very expensive functions".
  • Contacts with Pietro Lio, and Francis Ratnieks.
  • Gareth visited Cambridge, while he's in UK.
  • Jim Barrett is writing up.
  • Phillip's thesis all done!
  • Russell's MSc all done (A).
  • Jerome's done, I think (C).
  • Emails to and fro regarding Sergio.

Hey I'm the [8437]-th most highly cited computer scientist in the world!

  • refereeing papers for KES2006 conference.
  • Sci Fac leave committee - rep for SMCS - NOT ANY MORE?
  • seminar coordinator for CS seminars
  • auditing Comp426.
  • teaching comp101 and comp421 in the first trimester
  • on the Programme Committee for IDEAL2006. Refereed a dozen or so papers.
  • GraduateCoordinator until Neil returned from R&SL, Feb.
  • Invited speaker (airfare) at [CSIRO Network Theory Working Group III] (David Newth organiser), June 2006, Canberra.
  • invited speaker (airfare) at the ["Mathematical models of development and learning in the nervous system" workshop] in Edinburgh, straight after [CNS'06] - Organization for Computational Neurosciences, July 2006, Edinburgh where I presented a paper.
  • co-PI with Mark Gibbs on a Marsden proposal (didn't get it).
  • Gareth Baxter - I'm the "PI" on his postdoc (2 years, URF funded).
  • Victoria House visit (25 May 2006 - I did it in 2005 too)
  • Invited Speaker (funded) at
  • Plenary speaker (funded) at [SIRC2006], and a paper.
  • examiner for Tom Eastman's MSc (Otago).
  • Supervising research by:
  1. Richard - completed Phd, submitted April. Superlative comments from all examiners.
  2. Phillip - completed Phd - submitted September or so. Chris Williams and Colin Fox and Pondy examining, see PhillipPhD
  3. Jerome - "completed" Msc, submitted Feb. Anthony Robins and Pondy examiners. Has he done the corrections???
  4. Russell Tod - completed Msc - submitted October, Mike Paulin and Tony Vignaux (hopefully) examining.
  5. Jim Barritt (50%)
  6. Sergio Hernandez towards phd - Paul Teal co-supervising (also Pondy)
  7. Two students with Dale Carnegie, towards Phd (Praneel and Chris)

  • seminar talk to MCS, as part of the HMM series.
  • spoke at the 1st HMM workshop (Wanaqka)
  • Went to IDEAL'05 with Matt Lilley
  • Paper from that in LNCS Springer series.
  • Hoping for an upgraded paper in IJNS.
  • David MacKay ? visited, gave 2 talks.
  • Organising Festival of Doubt discussions, giving quite a few of them
  • Sci Fac leave committee - rep for SMCS
  • seminar coordinator for CS seminars
  • auditing duties [in 2005 for Comp422 and Comp307, and Comp101 over the summer].
  • taught both comp101 and comp421 in the first trimester (which left very little time for anything else, as my 1st time doing the PHP section. Redid all the PHP notes, starting from Tim's notes, putting them into PHP...)
  • Ryan Woodard worked on S.O.C. stuff, as an "unpaid postdoc", ~50%, for a couple of months - but then he got the BAS job in Cambridge!
  • 4 lunch meetings with Ed / Datamine
  • on the Programme Committee for IDEAL2005 (refereed 8 papers), and KES2005 (refereed 5 papers).
  • CS Graduate project coordinator from T2 of 2005, while Neil Leslie is away on leave
    • enquiries, advising
    • poster session
    • graduate info session for 3rd years
    • arranging marking of hons projects, helped develop marking guide (w Peter K and Pondy).
    • hons meeting
  • have full eligibility but unable to go on R&S leave in 2006. Peeved. Understanding that the extra will count for the following leave. Have raised this with HoS who undertook to raise it with Warwick Clegg, but have nothing in writing.
  • Refereeing for
    • JMLR
    • Proceedings B (Proc Roy Soc B)
  • Russell and I submitted to [Complex Systems conference] for Brisbane in December 2005. Accepted but Russell declined to go.
  • May 31, went to first CS Exec meeting, to be there before Neil leaves for the year. Am taking over his responsibilities as hons coordinator.
  • discussing the scale-dependent foraging Marsden project with Stephen Hartley and Marc (a phd student with Stephen)
  • Applied for and got a URF postdoc (one of 3), for Gareth Baxter (Manchester Physics) to come for 2 years. I'm the "PI".
  • Through to the 2nd round of Marsden, project PI with James Noble, AI's are Ricard Sole, Sergi Valverde and Matt Visser.
  • working on the Scale-dependent foraging Marsden grant (Stephen Hartley), approx 5% of my time for each year.
  • through to 2nd round of the 2005 Marsden round. As James was away I played a major role in writing the 1st round proposal, and had equal share in the 2nd.
  1. FoSAD leave committee. Meetings in March (*2) and April (special)


  • Tim Field completed Msc May'04 under my supervision
  • currently supervising Richard Mansfield (Phd), Phillip Boyle (Phd), Jerome Dolman (Msc)
  • Organising Festival of Doubt discussions
  • Sci Fac leave committee - rep for SMCS
  • organiser for CS seminars
  • Phillip and I submitted paper to NIPS2004 - now accepted: yay!
  • Gave talk to NZ Statistical Association at their annual conference NZSA2004, on 1st July: "Dependent Gaussian Processes for Regression".
  • Teaching in the new bioinformatics paper. Choosing software, writing lectures labs and assessment.
  • Teaching INET101 in T1 and comp421 in T2.
  • Going to the bioinformatics conference in Auckland, early Sept.
  • Programme committee member for KES'2004, and refereeing papers for it.
  • Refereeing papers for KBCS'2004.
  • July/Aug: External examiner for Andrew Wood, MSc thesis (U. Otago - superviser is Alistair Knott).
  • Talk on robotics for the Victoria Science Experience, 6 July 2004. Now using them in Comp421 too.
  • Did my duty as course adviser person during enrolment week in Feb and on 7th July 2004, plus available Monday mornings in 2004T2 for undergrad advice.
  • Referee for IEEE Trans. Evol. Comp (special issue on Evol Comp and Games), and PRSB, both in Sept 2004.
  • Attended InCoB - the International Conf of Bioinformatics. Auckland, Sept 6-8, 2004
    • Peter Wills says I should talk to Stuart directly about the pulsing / food story
    • Ed's mate Geoffrey says contact Andreas re. getting on lists etc, and maybe visit to Massey sometime...
  • 4 meetings with Graeme / OffLode
  • Meeting with Stephen Marsland in town, chatting about adaptive behaviour...

Things-i-do for earlier years is in the folder "words" in my home dir.
All hons students ever:
  1. Anton Clemenger
  2. Rick Thingy.. (Otago)
  3. Tim Robinson
  4. Richard Mansfield
  5. Vivian McPhail ?
  6. Gareth Cranefield
  7. Richard Procter
  8. Tim Field
  9. Nic Croad
  10. Matt Lilley
  11. Jerome Dolman
  12. Justin Rens
  13. Russell Tod
  14. Emanuel Rabina
  15. Shane Gibbs Plus current:
  16. Al McIlhone
  17. Michael Mudge

PhD students:
  1. Richard Mansfield - completed
  2. Phillip Boyle - completed
  3. Sergio Hernandez - submitted
  4. Rohitash Chandra - in progress
  5. Eva Czarnecki (co with Joseph) - in progress
  6. Praneel Chard (was 2nd - Dale) - no longer supervisor

  1. Tim Field - completed
  2. Jerome Dolman - completed
  3. Russell Tod - completed
  4. Jim Barritt (50%) (w. Stephen Hartley): completed
  5. James Bebbington
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