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Some recent seminars I have presented.

(These are separated into general interest seminars and technical seminars.)

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Talk presented by my collaborator Carmen Molina-Paris at the Stochastic Evolutionary Equations Meeting, 1999.

This is the text of a talk presented by Carmen Molina-Paris.

It is based on the series of papers concentrating stochastic differential equations written by a collaboration consisting of David Hochberg [LAEFF/CAB], Carmen Molina-Paris [Los Alamos/LAEFF/CAB], Juan Perez-Mercader [LAEFF/CAB], and myself.

14 September 1999.

    These technical seminars are supported by FQXi (The Foundational Questions Institute).
    They are an opportunity for overseas researchers to visit New Zealand and give technical seminars at one or more New Zealand Universities.

    • Fuzzy black holes [abstract only]
      Dr Elizabeth Winstanley (U Sheffield, UK)
      Black hole solutions of the Einstein equations of general relativity have been studied for over 90 years. Traditionally, the simplest types of black hole solutions have been studied, but over the past 20 years there has been an explosion of interest in more complicated black holes which arise when the Einstein equations are coupled to different types of matter field. These more complicated black holes are known as "hairy" black holes. In this talk we describe some black hole solutions of the Einstein equation with a particular type of matter (a Yang-Mills gauge field), in which the black hole solutions can have unlimited amounts of "hair", which we call "furry" black holes.

    More seminars in this series are expected in the future.

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Book: Lorentzian Wormholes---from Einstein to Hawking
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