Rob Goldblatt

Email: Rob.Goldblatt [at]
Phone:+64 4 463-5660

I am Professor of Mathematics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, and a member of the Centre for Logic, Language and Computation.

Here is my academic whakapapa.

Research Interests

Mathematical and philosophical logic, abstract algebra, and the foundations of mathematics, including:
- model theory of intensional logics (modal logic, logic of programs, admissible semantics of quantifiers).
- algebraic logic (duality for varieties of logical algebras, coalgebras, categorical logic).
- nonstandard analysis.

Quantifiers, Propositions and Identity :
Admissible Semantics for Quantified Modal and Substructural Logics

Lecture Notes in Logic No. 38,
Cambridge University Press and the Association for Symbolic Logic,
xiv+268pp, 2011.


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