Some New Translations

wng yu

Gazing Upon the Sacred Mount

So what about Taishan?

From all round ever blue.

Creation of the Lord,

It splits the day in two.

Clouds ease a troubled mind,

Far birds a strain to view.

Each must one day ascend,

Look down on all, to do!


yu y

Night Moon (literal)

This night Fu zhou moon

Chamber in only alone watch

Distant pity/love little son daughter

Not understand remember Chang an

Fragrant mist cloudy hair-bun damp

Bright splendour jade arm cold/needy

What time lean/rely empty curtain

Two shine tear mark dry

Tonights Moon

This moon at home tonight

My wife must watch alone.

I grieve for my young ones

Who know not where Ive gone.

Damp mist, hair fragrance lifts;

Cool moon, jade arm falls on.

When will that bright-lit pane

Shine on us both as one?


chūn wng

Spring Outlook (I)

Nation fallen, yet natures alive,

The city; spring trees and grasses thrive.

For these sad times the flowers they weep,

Being apart, birds stir me deep.

The war flames theyll span three months soon;

Home news is worth a small fortune.

My white hair its torn out in vain,

Soon not to hold even a pin.


Spring Outlook (II)

Nation fallen, yet natures alive,

City in spring; grass and trees bloom.

For these sad times, the flowers they weep,

Being apart, birds deepen my gloom.

These war flames ere will span three months;

Home news is worth a small fortune.

My white hair is torn out in vain,

Twill hold not een a hairpin soon.


yu y y shě d

Thinking of My Brothers on a Moonlit Night

Watchtower drums interrupt travel,

Autumn Frontier - a lone gooses call.

From tonight on the frosts will settle,

This moons as bright as it is back home.

My brothers, theyre scattered all over;

No home to ask of their fate at all.

Letters are slow to get wherever,

Besides, the war is not yet done.


tiān m hui lǐ bi

Thinking of Li Bai at the Tip of the Sky

Cool winds freshen at the tip of the sky,

Good friend just what are you now thinking?

Wild goose, when will it bring me your news?

Rivers and lakes; by fall rains swelling.

Literature shuns achievement of fame

Demons rejoice to see men passing.

You ought to speak with the wronged soul,

Toss the Miluo lines for his keeping.


k zh

An Unexpected Guest

All around my house do the spring waters flow;

Nothing do I see but a flock of gulls daily.

Blossomed path has yet for guests needed sweeping;

Wicker gate opens for you - first time only.

Far from market food offers little flavour;

This poor household wine is quite old and cloudy.

If youd like to sit and drink with my neighbour,

Ill call through the fence - well down it completely.


chūn y xǐ yǔ

Spring Nights Welcome Rain

Good rain knows its best time;

Come spring and it is there.

On breeze with night-time stealth;

Soaks all with quiet care.

Walkways are dark with cloud;

Bark light shines all the more.

Dawn breaks all red and wet;

Blooms fill the city fair.


wn guān jūn shōu h nn h běi

News that the Imperial Army has Recaptured North and South of the River


Beyond the pass a fresh dispatch: the North has been retrieved,

When I first hear, from happy tears my clothes become all wet.

I turn to see my wife and kids; distress where has it gone?

Gathering up poems and books delight wants no curb yet.

Though heat of day, singing a song, in wine I must indulge;

In green of spring, joining my friends off home we gladly set.

From Ba Gorge here, leaving right now, through Wu Gorge do we go,

Then down on through old Xiangyang town to Luoyang home we get.


lǚ y shū hui

A Night Travellers Thoughts


Soft grassy bank in the night breeze wafts,

Alone tonight, this tall mast standing.

Stars cascade down to the flat wide fields;

Moon rises from the great course flowing.

Fame on its own - what gets words noticed;

Old, sick servants should be retiring.

Adrift in life - just what am I now?

But a seagull - purgatory; waiting.


dēng gāo

Climbing High


Keen the wind, high the clouds, apes call mournfully;

Pure the isles, white the sand, birds are wheeling home.

Boundless the trees shed leaves - rustling down to earth;

Endless the Yangtze flows - rolling on and on.

Journeys long, autumns sad, always travelling;

Every year, many ills, climbing this alone.

Hardships and regrets have frosted up my hair;

Wretched now I have just given up the wine.


jiāng nn fng lǐ guī nin

Meeting Li Guinian in the South


At Prince Qi's palace I often saw you;

Before Cui Jiu's hall I sometimes heard you.

Southern scenery - is truly special;

As we meet again here in life's autumn.