Where do I start?

Make a .tex file
Make a .bib file
Copy the makefile below.


Basic section headings. Depending on the style package in use they may be numbered automatically.

\section{Heading Level 1}
\subsection{Heading Level 2}
\subsubsection{Heading Level 3}


As far as I know, only single line comments are supported rather than comment blocks.

% Comment text goes after percentage/modulo symbol to the end of line character.


Citations refer the reader to an entry in the bibtex file. The label used to make the reference is the usally the first value in the bibtex entry.


Multiple references are seperated by commas.


To cite a particular page, use the following syntax.

\cite[pg 2]{REF}

Quotation Marks and Block Quotes

LaTeX requires you to use different notation for opening and closing quotes.

Steven Wright noted that ``A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me. I'm afraid of widths.''

Block Quotes are as follows.

  there is a rather neglected proportion of spreadsheets that are
  periodically used, and submitted to regular update-cycles like any
  conventionally evolving valuable legacy application software.
  However, due to the very nature of spreadsheets, their evolution is
  particularly tricky and therefore error prone. \cite[pg 3]{SSATE}

Text Formating

\textbf{This text is bold}
\emph{This text is empahsised}


FishBrain::LaTex - Wiki page to discuss LaTex hints.
Kile - LaTeX source editor - TeX shell - Gnuplot front end for KDE 3.
The LaTeX project
The Open Road: Working with LaTeX


The following is a makefile for use on the MCS linux (tested on NetBSD) computers. Originally by Craig, I modified it to parameratise the file name and printer.

Replace the red text with filename and default printer. The TeX and BibTeX files should be in filename.tex and filename.bib respectively. If your going to generate a Tech Report you will need to create a TRCover.tex file for the cover pages. Note that these pages are simply concatenated to the front of the paper.

%> make quick - rapid compile and view.
%> make clean - remove all temporary files.
%> make print - print to printer specified in file.
%> make pdf - create then view pdf file.
%> make ps - create then view postscript file.
%> make tech - create the postscript tech report file (requires TRCover.tex).
%> make html - create the document as a web page.

# Makefile for LaTeX files
# Origonal Author: Craig Anslow
# Modifications by: Daniel Ballinger

# Enter document name (no suffix!)
DOC	= invis
# Enter printer name
PRINT	= comp300-237lp

all: ${DOC}.dvi ${DOC}.ps

${DOC}.dvi: *.tex *.bib
	latex ${DOC}.tex
	bibtex ${DOC}
	latex ${DOC}.tex
	latex ${DOC}.tex

${DOC}.ps: ${DOC}.dvi
	dvips -f ${DOC}.dvi -o ${DOC}.ps

${DOC}.pdf: ${DOC}.ps
	ps2pdf ${DOC}.ps

print1up: ${DOC}.ps
	cat trick.ps ${DOC}.ps | lpr -P ${PRINT}

print: ${DOC}.ps
	lpr -P ${PRINT} ${DOC}.ps	

dvi: ${DOC}.dvi
	kdvi ${DOC}.dvi 

ps: ${DOC}.ps
	gv -antialias ${DOC}.ps 

	rm -f *.aux *.bbl *.blg *.dvi *.log *.toc *~

quick: ${DOC}.dvi
	xdvi ${DOC}.dvi

# File containing LaTex to construct TechReport cover.
TRCover.dvi: TRCover.tex
	latex TRCover.tex

# Create the document with a tech report cover.
tech: ${DOC}.dvi TRCover.dvi
	dviconcat -o TR${DOC}.dvi TRCover.dvi ${DOC}.dvi
	dvips -f TR${DOC}.dvi -o TR${DOC}.ps
	ps2pdf TR${DOC}.ps

# need webtools, generates html file
html: ${DOC}.tex      
	need webtools
	latex2html ${DOC}.tex

#printf "==================Creating DVI================\n\a"