Package ral.lang

Interface Summary
MultiRelationship<FROM,TO,T extends Pair<FROM,TO>> A multi relationship describes a bag of pairs between objects of the correspond FROM and TO types.
One2ManyRelationship<FROM,TO,T extends Pair<FROM,TO>> A One2ManyRelationship represents a relationship where any given object can only appear in the "from" position at most once.
Pair<FROM,TO> Represents an "association instance" between a pair of objects.
ReflexiveRelationship<FROM,T extends Pair<FROM,FROM>> A reflexive relationship represents the special case when FROM == TO.
Relationship<FROM,TO,T extends Pair<FROM,TO>> A Relationship describes a set of pairs between objects of the correspond FROM and TO types.
SimpleRelationship<FROM,TO> A simple relationship describes the case where no information is associated with each pair.
TreeRelationship<FROM,T extends Pair<FROM,FROM>> A tree relationship is a reflexive relationship with the added constraint that each node can have at most one parent.
UndirectedRelationship<FROM,T extends Pair<FROM,FROM>> An undirected relationship corresponds to the notion of a directed graph from graph theory.
UniMultiRelationship<FROM,TO,T extends Pair<FROM,TO>> An UniMultiRelationship relationship is a special MultiRelationship where only one direction of traversal is required.
UniRelationship<FROM,TO,T extends Pair<FROM,TO>> A UniRelationship is a relationship supporting only one direction of traversal.