Interface ReflexiveRelationship<FROM,T extends Pair<FROM,FROM>>

All Superinterfaces:
MultiRelationship<FROM,FROM,T>, UniMultiRelationship<FROM,FROM,T>
All Known Subinterfaces:
TreeRelationship<FROM,T>, UndirectedRelationship<FROM,T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ReflexiveHashRel, SimpleReflexiveHashArrayRel, SimpleReflexiveHashRel, TreeHashRel

public interface ReflexiveRelationship<FROM,T extends Pair<FROM,FROM>>
extends MultiRelationship<FROM,FROM,T>

A reflexive relationship represents the special case when FROM == TO. In this case, the relationship is describing a recursive graph structure. In actual fact, a directed graph. Reflexive relationship extends MultiRelationship as this gives more flexibility than extending Relationship.

Method Summary
 void clear(FROM p)
          Clears all pairs where p appears in either position.
Methods inherited from interface ral.lang.MultiRelationship
clearTo, copyTo, to, toPairs
Methods inherited from interface ral.lang.UniMultiRelationship
add, clearFrom, copyFrom, from, fromPairs, get, remove, remove

Method Detail


void clear(FROM p)
Clears all pairs where p appears in either position.